Tom Rice says job creation is number one priority

Horry County Council Chairman and Republican nominee for the 7th Congressional District Tom Rice says if he's elected, job creation will be his number one priority.

This week, Rice is campaigning in the Pee Dee because he wants to talk face-to-face with voters and learn more about their concerns.

During a tour of Diamond Hill Plywood and Darlington Veneer Monday morning, Rice got a sense of how the Pee Dee economy has suffered in recent years due to plant closings, jobs moving overseas and the recession.

Rice spoke

with the owner and vice president of Darlington Veneer.

The company has been around since 1918 and manufactures hardwood plywood.

At one time, the plant employed 200 people, but now it's down to 100 workers.

Plant managers say they had to cut jobs because sales were cut in half during the recession.

Rice says job creation has been his top priority since he's been involved in public service.

He believes there is a way to create new jobs and regain the thousands of jobs lost to overseas companies.

"We need to do what we need to do to make America competitive, to make America business friendly. And we over-tax and over-regulate our businesses to the point that they go overseas and the jobs go with them. And if we want, we have to make a decision that if we really want to be business friendly if we really want those jobs back."

Rice believes the country wants to regain the jobs, so people can get back to work. He promises to do all he can to make that a reality if he's elected to Congress.

In November, he'll face Gloria Bromell Tinubu who is the Democratic Nominee for the 7th Congressional District.