Toddler found walking alone in Surfside Beach

Around 9 a.m. Monday, an Horry County deputy found a 2-year-old girl walking alone on 10th Avenue South in Surfside Beach.

Some people who were working in the area saw the child and were about to call 9-1-1 when the deputy arrived.

Surfside Beach police were able to track down the mother, Bonnie Barrows, after knocking on doors in the neighborhood.

Barrows lives on Hickory Drive, about 50 yards from where the child was found. Police Chief Mike Frederick says the mother said she was sleeping, and the child managed to open the screen door and get out. They live on the third floor, so the girl had to walk down the stairs and out to the street.

Barrows is charged with Child Neglect.

The child was taken to Waccamaw Community Hospital to be checked out and will be released to the Department of Social Services.

Police say Barrows lives in the apartment with her father and her other child who was at school.