Timmonsville School District names interim superintendent

Dr. Steve Quick tells NewsChannel 15 he will be leaving as interim superintendent of Florence School District 4, Timmonsville schools, on January 1, 2012.

Quick says Matrell Sturkey will replace him as interim superintendent.

She is now the principal at Brockington Elementary School in Timmonsville.

School board members hired Quick in June to help the district better manage their finances.

In March, the district cut 19 positions because it was nearly broke.

Quick says at this point the district is pretty stable in terms of its finances. He says they're meeting payroll and accounts payable every month.

In August, Dr. Quick says the district borrowed $1.3 million from their tax anticipation note from the Florence County Treasurers Office. He says they've only used $300,000 of that money so far this school term.

Quick says the district still owes $500,000 to the state retirement system and $90,000 in state health and dental benefits. He says they have structured payments to pay those debts.

Quick says they had to hire more teachers because they had more students to enroll this school term.

The district budgeted for 735 students. But it has 820.

Quick says they're watching their expenditures and spending money wisely, so they won't be back in the position they were last year.

Dr. Quick will remain with the district as a consultant. He says he's optimistic things will get better for the Timmonsville School District.