Timmonsville Police Department back on track

File image of the Timmonsville Police Department

The Timmonsville Police Department has met the requirements to reestablish itself, South Carolina Law Enforcement Division officials say.

The department was disbanded in May of 2012 because the Town of Timmonsville couldn't afford to run it.

The Florence County Sheriff's Office patrolled the town instead.

The town hired a new police chief this past May and he says he plans to hire another officer and get the town's five patrol cars back in rotation.

"We appreciate what the Sheriff's Department has done. They really have been a major asset to Timmonsville not being taken over totally. But it was very evident that Timmonsville needed its own protection force," said Chief Gregory Palmer.

Palmer said he can now make arrests and access a national crime database.

The town also paid $48,000 in back fees to the Florence County Sheriff's Department.