Timmonsville on track to restore police department

Timmonsville town officials say they could hire a police chief at the council meeting Tuesday night in an effort to restore the police department.

The town has narrowed the position down to three candidates but their names are not being released.

Council dismantled the police force in May 2012 due to money problems.

Timmonsville Mayor Darrick Jackson says a lot has changed in two years and says the town is better off financially because the City of Florence has taken over its water systems.

"In continuing to resolve our finances and also moving the Town of Timmonsville forward, we are here to provide a services to the people.I am grateful that we're able to move this town of forward and bring the police department back to the Town of Timmonsville," said Mayor Jackson.

The Florence County Sheriff's Office has provided coverage for the town since the police department shut down.

Deputies told us from May 2012 to May 2013, they responded to 2,148 calls for service originating from within the town limits of Timmonsville.

At least half of the calls for service resulted in written reports.

The town administrator says they've allocated $62, 437 to hire three police officers, including a police chief.

Some residents says restoration of the police department is what Timmonsville has needed more than anything.

"Timmonsville needs a police department. I mean because there's people who are out of control now. It's people running stop signs, speeding through town. Violating any type of code that they have. It's just gotten really bad," said Aubrey Cotton.

"I feel good about them restoring the police chief in Timmonsville because of the crime. We feel more safe to have a police right in the town area," said Edith Quillen.

We will let you know if Timmonsville town council makes a decision regarding who will lead its police department.