Timmonsville mayoral candidates missing campaign signs

Three Timmonsville mayoral candidates

, Billy Fowler, Clarence Joe and Incumbent Timmonsville Mayor Darrick Jackson,

say in recent days they've had campaign signs stolen and damaged.

Fowler says one of his signs was bent

, thrown in his front yard and he has an idea of who may be damaging his signs.

"I got a pretty good idea who's behind it. But I can't prove who the person was that done it. I'm very upset . I spent all this money on signs to advertise to the people of Timmonsville to say there could be a change in Timmonsville," said Fowler.

Fowler filed a police report with the Florence County Sheriff's Office.

Mayor Darrick Jackson says

it should be ex

pected that signs will be stolen or damaged during elections. He says he refuses to make the thefts the focus of his campaign.

"I had a few of my signs damaged, some stolen. But on the basis of an election campaign, there has been evidence of that not only this election, but pass election.You have to quit the nonsense. This election is about the best candidate and their qualifications," said Mayor Jackson.

Fowler says he's not trying to cause trouble but he spent about $3,000 for his campaign signs and want the person or persons responsible for damaging them to be brought to justice