Timmonsville financial advisor says council essentially terminated her contract

The financial advisor for the Town of Timmonsville, Wanda Charping, said council members essentially terminated her contract Tuesday during the council meeting by voting for a detailed, forensic audit of the town's finances.

Council said Charping resigned, but she told WPDE NewsChannel 15 that's not true.

"I didn't quit. I didn't resign. I told them they essentially terminated my contract. When your client (Timmonsville) declares the accounting is fraudulent, then they (council) are stating they no longer want your services," explained Charping.

She said once an audit is underway, she can no longer have any dealings with the town's financial records because those records would be examined by investigators.

Charping said she isn't sure why the town wants a forensic audit because she had measures in place to prevent theft of the town's money. She said she would have explained those measures to council members if they had asked her about them.

"We put in a system of internal controls that would catch anyone who is stealing. We really shut down the opportunity for a theft," said Charping.

Charping was hired in May of 2012 to help with the town's money problems.

She said she was making great progress helping Timmonsville get back on track.

Timmonsville Town Manager Mary Bines said Charping was paid $2,500 a month for her services. She said she isn't sure if town council members will hire another person to fill Charping's position.