Timmonsville educator says her ideas can save failing schools

Dr. Jeanette Shivers, an educator in the Timmonsville School District for more than 30 years, has written a book she thinks will turn failing schools around.

"Common Core, It Takes A Village" focuses on how community involvement make a difference.

"I just saw that things were changing and you know we're trying to make things better, but somehow we're missing the mark. When you miss the mark and you talk about education, you're talking about lives," said Dr. Shivers.

She says standardized tests aren't working because no area is standardized and that school districts shouldn't rely solely on programs that have worked for other districts. Every district is different.

"Oh, this school did great with this program. But the program may not be for students. We may have to change it up for our students.The answer lies within us. There's no one fit all. We have to determine what's best for the area that we're in. We have to work toward that common goal."

Teachers in Timmonsville plan to study her book and may incorporate parts of it into their curriculum.

She's hoping the community, educators and leaders will read her book.

The book is on sale through
Amazon, Books A Million and Barnes & Noble.