Timmonsville could temporarily lose control of water and sewer system

The Department of Health and Environmental Control (DHEC) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) are in talks with the City of Florence about a receivership for the Timmonsville water and sewer system.

Florence City Manager Drew Griffin says they were asked by DHEC and the EPA to consider taking temporary control of the system.

Griffin isn't saying what led up to the discussions.

However, in late August, NewsChannel 15 reported that Timmonsville was buying water from Florence after a problem with one of its water tanks.

At the time, Griffin stated that Florence had a single water line connection off of I-95 near the Honda Plant in Timmonsville.

The receivership would be set up through a court of law and guided by the EPA and DHEC, according to Griffin.

He says it could last between two to four years.

Griffin added that at the end of the receivership, Timmonsville will retain ownership.