Tim Scott makes his first visit to the Grand Strand as Senator

The newly appointed Senator Tim Scott made his way to Myrtle Beach Sunday for the state Tea Party Convention.

Scott made a brief speech in front of the crowd and then took questions from the media before leaving.

He was sworn in as Senator after Jim Demint announced that he would be stepping down at the end of the year.

Scott's speech was centered around the Fiscal Cliff and the debt the US Government has acquired.

"There is not a Republican problem, there is not a Democrat problem. We have a problem with math," said Scott.

During an interview with the press, Scott touched on gun control laws.

"We're not going to have an executive order that trumps the Constitution, and we certainly won't stand for it on the 2nd Amendment," said Scott.

Scott added that he is waiting to make a solution until he hears the results from Vice President Biden's council; however, Scott does believe action needs to be taken to protect South Carolina's schools.

"I think every county is going to have to make a decision until there becomes a wholistic solution," said Scott.

NewsChannel 15 asked Scott if he supported former Governor Mark Sanford running for his empty Congressional seat, he said that decision is left in the hands of the voters.