Three-year-old boy found alone at apartment complex, parents no where in sight

Update: Police said the mother of a three-year-old boy who was found alone around 9:30 Saturday morning at Sedgefield Apartment complex on Second Loop Road in Florence has been found.

She called police Saturday afternoon to report her little boy missing, according to Carlos Raines with Florence police.

Raines said they had been looking for the child's parents or someone responsible for the boy all day.

The child's mother lives at the apartment complex with relatives and she left the boy with them Saturday morning when she went to work, Raines said.

He added the three-year-old somehow managed to get out of the apartment. When the relatives woke up they assumed he was with his mother.

It wasn't until the mother came home from work that they all realized the boy was missing and that's when the mother called 911, according to Raines.

The boy had been placed in the custody of the SC Department of Social Services, but is expected to be returned to his mother.