Three people arrested for Myrtle Beach home invasion

Toni Ann Pasquale

Three people have been arrested in a home invasion that happened Saturday on Hopkins Circle in Myrtle Beach.

Kenneth Bell, 21, of Myrtle Beach is charged with Kidnapping, Burglary, Unlawful Carrying of a Pistol, and Possesion of a Weapon during a Violent Crime.

Christopher Bell, 27, of Myrtle Beach is charged with Kidnapping.

Toni Ann Pasquale, 26, of Garden City is charged with Accessory before the fact to a Felony and Petit or Simple Larceny.

One of the victims said he got text messages and phone calls from a woman who he thought was a friend.

She invited him to eat and said she was pulling into the area.

When the victim opened his door, he saw two people with black masks on. One was holding a gun and one had a black tire iron.

The victim said Christopher Bell told him "give me everything you got."

The victim said he knew Christopher Bell when the victim was arrested before, and he owed Bell money.

Bell was holding the tire iron and led the victim to his room where he took a laptop and video camera, according to the Horry County Police report.

As this was happening, a second victim was on the couch at the time.

A second suspect, Kenneth Bell, was holding a gun near that man, the report says.

A third victim inside the house was hiding in his room and called police.

When an officer arrived, he saw Kenneth and Christopher Bell walking towards their vehicle and told them to get on the ground.

That's when the officer noticed a woman sitting in the front seat.

Pasquale got out of the car and on the ground.

Both Christopher Bell and Kenneth Bell eventually got on the ground as well. All three suspects were arrested.

Officers removed 25 items for evidence from the car and from both suspects including a pistol, ammo rounds, a gun magazine laptop, knife, and Christopher Bell had a small amount of marijuana on him, police said.

Kenneth Bell is being held on $75,000 bond.

Christopher Bell was released on Monday.

Pasquale was released Sunday.