Thousands in SC awakened by loud Amber Alert alarm

You may have been among the many people awakened by a loud, shrieking alarm over the weekend.

It was an Amber Alert, issued by South Carolina State Police about children missing from New Jersey.

The alert went out around 12:30 a.m. Saturday.

Police in Lodi, New Jersey reported two children were taken by their father, John Jordan.

Jordan's estranged wife was found stabbed to death in her New Jersey home, and police say Jordan took the children.

The kids were later found safe at a relative's home in Greenville, South Carolina and Jordan was arrested.

But not before thousands of people across South Carolina were awakened by the screaming alarm from their cell phones.

"It woke me up and though I was irritated when I got woken up, I was concerned for the child that was lost," said Emily Johnston of Carolina Forest.

"I hadn't heard that tone before, that noise before," said Betty Taylor of Conway, "but it did scare me."

If you have an i-Phone, here's how to turn off those alarms, according to Amahed Abuadas, an Apple specialist at the City Mac store in Myrtle Beach.

Touch the "settings" icon on your phone's top screen. Then, he says, touch "notification center."

"Within those settings, at the very bottom there's a category called 'government alerts', and you can switch off Amber Alerts right there," said Abuadas.

It's a slightly different procedure on an Android phone.

There, you'll start by touching "apps."

Then, "emergency alerts," then the menu button in the lower left corner of the phone. Then, touch "settings", and on the next screen that pops up, uncheck whatever alert you want to turn off.

So, shutting down those notifications is something that can be done, but should you do it?

"I left it the way (it was), and I just cleared it in the morning," said Anita Butler of Conway, when asked if she had changed her phone's settings after being awakened early Saturday.

"I know it's a good thing to have the Amber Alert," said Ron Overman of Myrtle Beach, "but I don't know about 1:30, 2:00 o'clock in the morning."

It's up to each person to decide, but if you turn off all notifications on your phone, you should know that you won't get severe weather alerts.