Thieves steal 36-foot boat, equipment from Georgetown business

On Tuesday, the Tailwalker Marine in Georgetown continued to search for those who stole nearly $400,000 worth of equipment this past weekend.

According to Georgetown police, a group of four or five people broke into the Tailwalker Marine sometime between Saturday evening and early Sunday morning.

The thieves were driving a stolen van when they gained access to the boat storage area through a gate.

Tailwalker employees said the thieves cut the barbed wire around the fence and removed some of the gate's metal poles to gain access.

A 36-foot, 2014 model fishing boat worth around $270,000 and pick-up truck with the Tailwalker name and logo on it, as well as two additional boat motors were taken.

The gate was put back up after the items were stolen, according to employees.

"They've either been watching the place for a while or they're pretty professional at what they do," said Bruce Gallup, salesman at Tailwalker Marine.

Although the equipment hasn't been returned, there are some leads as to where it could be.

"One of our customers called yesterday and they told us they saw it in Daytona Beach about three o'clock Sunday heading south on 95 and we also had another customer call this morning and he saw it in Miami," Gallup said.

Gallup said he isn't sure if they'll ever see those items again, but the fact that they have the Tailwalker name and logo on it makes him more hopeful that they'll be identified and eventually returned.

This isn't the first time Tailwalker has been targeted. Over the past decade, several motors have been stolen, according to Gallup.

Here are more photos of the 36-foot boat.

If you know where this equipment may be, contact Sgt Jason Ward with the Georgetown Police Department at (843) 545-4373.