These teens feel it's their cross to bear, and they do it gladly

For the second year in a row, Grace and Glory Ministries held a live crucifixion display along Highway 52 just north of Coward in Florence County.

Organizers say it was all about inspiring others to do good on what is one of the holiest days of the year for some.

About a dozen or so youth from Grace and Glory Ministries participated in re-enacting the crucifixion.

"You see this from grown men and women, but not from young people, and that's a great thing to see young people willing to do this," said Laura Boyington, Youth Director.

Youth ministry member Jacob Coward says this event helps spread a little bit of the gospel.

Last year, a truck driver pulled into the median, got out, and spent time with the group.

"If someone would go through all that trouble to stop a big rig like an 18 wheeler and just get out and stop and see us, just see what we're all about, it just shows that we're doing good," Coward said.

Organizers say if you missed the display, they will be back again next year.