'The Wall That Heals' is in Myrtle Beach

More than 58,000 U.S. soldiers were killed during the Vietnam War and for the next five days, we will have a chance to remember them, as 'The Wall That Heals' is put on display in our area.

On Tuesday, hundreds of bikers helped escort the wall to Myrtle Beach. Jack McGrath was one of several hundred bikers and veterans who made the journey to escort the wall from Gallivants Ferry to Myrtle Beach.

McGrath remembered his time as a soldier as he read some of the names on truck that carried the wall.

"I know people on the wall who are friends of mine whose names are on there, and you know that, that's what gets to your heart," McGrath explained, "We went to school together you know and I went, they went, they never came back."

As the miles passed, McGrath reflected, knowing that in less than a day, the temporary wall will be ready for display at the Market Common. "To us veterans, it's close to our heart."

'The Wall That Heals' is made up of 24, 10 foot wide panels. Crews will spend up to three hours putting them all together.

Brenda Dobek is part of the crew responsible for bringing the traveling memorial across the country. The wall is a half scale replica of the one in Washington, DC.

"It's an honor to bring it in to their community because they're getting the welcome home they never got before," Dobek explained.

Dobek knows that more than anything else, the wall serves as an important reminder of those who gave their lives and their service, and they will never be forgotten.

"Knowing that those 58,000 and soon to be 300 names that are on the wall are finally getting the welcome home that they deserve, there's no greater feeling than that of happiness to see them honored in that way."

'The Wall That Heals' will be on display at the market common until Sunday.