The Market Common businesses get boost from NYE event

Businesses are getting a boost from the Market Common's New Years Eve, Southern Times Square event.

Many said they've seen a sizeable increase in business because of the event.

"Typically we'll fill up probably a day out from New Years Eve. This year we've been full for about four or five days now," said Gordon Biersch Assistant Manager Jason Landis.

Landis said they had closer to 200 reservations this year. Last year, the restaurant had around 100.

Manager of Nacho Hippo and Divine Prime Cyndy Mauldin said they saw a similar increase in business.

"We are anticipating greater sales than we had last year on this because of the amount of people who will be here for this," Mauldin said.

Both Mauldin and Landis say their businesses bank on events and festivals that happen throughout the Market Common.

"We do a large increase in numbers during these festivals whether it's over in Valor Park or anywhere within the Market Common. We see a huge jump in numbers," Landis.

Landis said Gordon Biersch has around a 25 to 30 percent jump in business whenever a festival or event happens.

Mauldin said they see around a 25 percent increase.

For this reason, businesses around the Market Common would like to see more big events during the winter months when they experience a winter slump.

Mauldin would like to see a festival or event once or twice a month.