The end is near for Backgate construction

A crew working on the bridge being constructed at the Backgate.

According to an Horry County officials the "finishing" work is underway for the Backgate construction project.

Drivers should be able to go over the new bridge by October, according to Horry County Spokesperson Lisa Bourcier.

Bourcier said the barrier walls on the bridge will be filled with concrete over the next few weeks, then utlities and other work will be done on top of the bridge, and then the crews will join the bridge to the approach.

"The reason for that is crews need to be able to maintain contstant access from the approach to the bridge right until the very last minute when they lay this concrete down," Bourcier said.

Bourcier said there is pressure to complete this stage of the project soon since in the winter concrete and other building materials can't be poured as easily. But she said the end is in sight.

"Over the last couple months it's really started to go up and it's interesting. I think when people ride by every couple of days they see something different that's going on and they're starting to see the finishing touches of the project and it's exciting," she said.

But there will be a few more traffic changes due to construction before the project finishes up.

Next week, on July 22 through July 23 from 10 p.m. until 6 a.m. the intersection will be closed for asphalt work.

During that time drivers will be able to travel north and south on Highway 17 Bypass, but will not be permitted to make left turns onto Farrow Parkway or S.C. 707.

People driving on Farrow Parkway or S.C. 707 will not be allowed through the intersection or able to make left turns. They will only be allowed to make right turns onto Highway 17 Bypass.