"The Bay" movie coming soon to theater near you

A movie filmed in Georgetown two years ago will get its theatrical release Nov. 2, according to a horror movie website.

The Bay, a thriller about an environmental disaster in a small Maryland town, was shot over a four week period in Georgetown in 2010.

The movie, originally named Isopod, will have its theatrical premier at the Toronto International Film Festival September 12 and 13, according to the website Fangoria, which caters to horror movie fans.

Programming notes about The Bay on the TIFF website describe the movie as "a creature feature with a message" and an "all-too plausible story of environmental catastrophe with a sense of urgency and imminent panic."

The movie tells what happens in the seaside town of Claridge, when parasites make their way into the town's water supply and ultimately into the bodies of the town's residents.