The 3 P's of cold weather protection

With the cold weather tonight, you'll want to remember the 3 P's: pets, plants, and pipes.

If you have an outside dog or cat, bring them in. Pets usually shiver to keep warm, so keep an eye out, and remember to bring their food and water dishes inside.

Make sure to bring all of your potted plants indoors. If they're too big, move them closer to the house. Your home gives off radiant heat.

And last but not least, your pipes. Unhook hoses from outside faucets. You can also wrap exposed pipes with insulation.

Inside your house, open the cabinets underneath your sinks. This will let warm air from the house keep your pipes from freezing.

And to keep your heating bill from getting out of control, pick the rooms in the house where you spend the most time and make them "comfort zones."

The rest of the house can stay a little cooler.