The 10,000 foot plunge... Are you game?

Loading up to take the plunge at the Grand Strand Airport.

A skydive drop zone, minutes from the Myrtle Beach strip, is now open at the historic Grand Strand Airport.

NewsChannel 15's morning anchors, Holly Morgan and Jason Claspell, made the 10,000 foot jump at Skydive Myrtle Beach with United States Parachute Association certified tandem instructors.

"You really feel like you're flying up there. The air really holds you up, you don't feel like you're falling. The views are spectacular, the scenery is always changing. The sky is never the same twice," Skydive Myrtle Beach co-owner Andrew Lee said.

Holly and Jason watched a safety video, completed some basic training with their instructors, then signed their lives away before jumping out of a small Cessna 206 airplane.

"It'll be about forty seconds of freefall and about a five minute parachute ride, gliding down gracefully back to the earth," Lee said.

Freefall speeds range between 120 to 180 mph.

All of Skydive Myrtle Beach's instructors are USPA certified and gear is maintained to the highest level.

Check out Holly and Jason's entire adventure on Good Morning Carolinas on Thursday, May 31 from 5 a.m. to 7 a.m.

To schedule a jump, click here or check out and 'Like' Skydive Myrtle Beach's official Facebook page.ã??