Terry Elvis reacts to murder charges in connection to his missing daughter

20-year-old Heather Elvis is still missing, even though murder charges were filed Monday against a couple now accused of kidnapping and killing her.

On Tuesday, WPDE spoke with Heather Elvis' father about his reaction to the charges and the toll it's taken on the Elvis family.

"My heart hopes and prays and hold onto hope that my daughter's alive," Elvis explained, adding that that hope is what keeps him going.

Heather Elvis has been missing since December 17th.

Terry and his family were headed to court Monday morning for bond hearings for Sidney and Tammy Moorer on charges they kidnapped Heather. Just an hour and a half before that hearing, they found out that the Moorers would be charged with Heather's murder.

"It's not the kind of news that anybody wants to hear. Obviously we're still looking for Heather. We don't have all the answers. We don't have our daughter back," Elvis explained.

In a news conference, police said there was a relationship between Heather and the Moorers, but would not elaborate on what that was.

Terry explained that before Heather disappeared, he wasn't aware of any relationship. "My wife and I had never heard the name before, period. Never knew."

After the charges were released on Monday, a vigil was held for Heather at Peachtree Landing, the place where police say she was killed. Heather's mother, sister, and Terry were all there.

"We needed to be there for ourselves and we needed to be there to show support for a community that has just bent over backwards to support us," Terry explained, "It was painful, it was hard to be there, but at the same time it warms your heart to see the community and to see family and friends."

Even with charges filed against the Moorers, Terry says there's no closure, with so many questions left without answers. The biggest one being, where is Heather?

"It may be steps towards solving it, but it's not solving it. There's no closure. It's the beginning of a whole new chapter and hopefully this will bring some kind of relief, but we're still waiting on that. Heather's still missing."

Terry explained on Monday that what's helped him cope with life without Heather has been his family, his faith and his community.