Terminally ill dog owner needs home for best friend

Man's best friend has to find a new friend and home, and his time is running out. 7-year-old dog Jake's owner is dying from cancer and those close to him are struggling to find someone to take him.

Dog walker Cindy Bright says that four years ago she was contacted by the owner's wife, just shortly before she passed away from lung cancer.

Now, her husband is suffering from Parkinsons, Lung and throat cancer, and those close to him are trying to find the right place for Jake, a 7-year-old chocolate lab and springer spaniel mix.

"I'd take him, but I already have 5 dogs," Bright said.

Bright explained that she's posted information about Jake on facebook for two weeks, but has had no luck finding a permanent local owner for the dog.

"His ideal owner would be a single woman with no children or no other pets," Bright added.

If you're interested in adopting Jake, please contact Cindy Bright (Einstein's Dog-Sitting Service, LLC) at 843-457-0893 or 843-457-0893.