Tents banned from Myrtle Beach beaches this summer

Myrtle Beach City Council members have approved a ban on tents on the beach from Memorial Day to Labor Day.

Five council members voted in favor of the ban at Tuesday's city council meeting. Council member Susan Grissom Means was the only one who voted against it.

The new ordinance bans all tents from the beach during the summer months. Umbrellas are allowed, but they must be less than 7.5 feet in diameter.

People have passionately voiced their opinions on both sides of the argument. Some, like Carmalita Tomazin said she's concerned the tents hinder a lifeguard's ability to keep everyone safe. "I can't see the kids running and playing on the shoreline, collecting the sea shells. I can't see them as clear."

Others have argued tents provide a means to keep people safe from the sun. "I think the tents help protect young children, the elderly, really everyone from the sun rays that can cause cancer and problems later on in life," Trudy Locklear explained.

This was the second and final vote on the tent ban, which will go in effect starting this Memorial Day.

Last week, North Myrtle Beach decided to ban tents from its city beaches from May 15th to September 15th.

Horry County Council members are expected to discuss a tent ban at their next meeting on April 1.