Teen school shooting suspect remains in detention

Socastee High shooting suspect in court for detention hearing

The juvenile accused of shooting at a school resource officer at Socastee High School will remain in detention for at least another 45 days.

During that time, the boy will undergo various psychiatric examinations. That was the result of the juvenile's second detention hearing. Like the first hearing ten days ago, it lasted only a few minutes and didn't decide much. But every time he appears in court now, we learn a little more about this young man and what his supporters say drove him to do what he did.

The 14-year-old is charged with attempted murder and two bomb-related charges, after police say he shot at a school resource officer and brought pipe bombs to school.

The 15th Circuit Solicitor's Office intends to file a motion to have the juvenile's case moved to adult court. Defense attorney Russell Long plans to fight that move, and has asked for psychiatric evaluations of the boy, because he says there are a lot of stones to unturn. "I think before any court can take a 14-year-old and treat him as an adult, we need to have a good understanding about what that child is going through, and how that child got to this point."

Long says the boy was a victim of bullying.

The boy's family members and friends showed their support by wearing blue ribbons, the symbol of an anti-bullying campaign. A friend of the boy's father says, the 14-year-old is a good kid, and the shooting incident was out of character. "He's got a big heart, and he's been pushed around, and it just makes me mad, and that's why, right there, (touching blue ribbon) I want people to realize that bullying thing's got to stop," said Jami LaFon.

LaFon believes the boy kept the bullying from his parents and school, fearing that if he told anyone about it, it might get worse. LaFon says he knows the boy will have to pay for what he did, but he hopes common sense will be used and that those who bullied the boy will feel some remorse. "I just hope good comes out of this, that's all."

The next detention hearing will be November 19th.

We should hear more about the results of those psychiatric exams then, but that hearing still won't decide whether he will be moved to adult court.

The boy's attorney says it could be January before that's decided.

The boy is on suicide watch while he remains in detention at the Department of Juvenile Justice in Columbia.