Teen pregnancy conference held in Myrtle Beach

The South Carolina Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy is hosting a conference in Myrtle Beach this week.

In 2009, the agency says the 15-19 year old birth rate dropped 7.5%, the lowest teen birth rate for this group in the state's history.

Still, 49 out of every 1,000 teens in that age group became pregnant during that 2008-2009 time period.

So, the Campaign says progress is being made, but South Carolina's rate is still the 11th highest in the nation.

"As mentors, as coaches, as parents, as teachers, that young people have role models in their life that they can look to," said Forrest Alton, the CEO of the South Carolina Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy.

"That they have positive activities in their community that they can be a part of. All of those things contribute to lower teen pregnancy rates."

The conference opened Wednesday with two sessions focused on using education to prevent teen pregnancy.