Teen on house arrest after charge for threatening Facebook message

A family court judge released a 13-year old-Chesterfield Ruby Middle School stud


to her parents and placed her on house arrest, after deputies say she sent a Facebook message to a 20-year-old woman on Facebook saying she was going to blow up a school.

She's charged with Disturbing Schools, according to Chesterfield County Sheriff Sam Parker.

While on house arrest, the 13-year-old can not have access to cell phones or computers.

The girl has also been suspended from school until the outcome of an expulsion hearing before the Chesterfield County School Board, Parker said.

Someone saw the message and alerted deputies. Explosive-detecting dogs searched Chesterfield Ruby Middle Monday afternoon, but didn't find anything.

Parker believes the two were probably just joking, but he says he can't take any chances with the safety of other students.

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