Teen boy executed for murder of two girls 70 years ago gets a memorial

The memorial to George Stinney, Jr.

Supporters of George Stinney, Junior, have erected a memorial for him on three acres off of Sumter Highway in the Alcolu community of Clarendon County.

Stinney who was 14 was convicted and put to death by the electric chair on June 16, 1944 for the murders of two girls ages 7 and 11 in the Alcolu community of Clarendon County.

Their bodies were found on March 24,1944. Stinney was arrested the same day.

George Frierson of Alcolu got involved in the case in 2004 after researching old news articles of what happened.

"As far as I'm concerned, this child was murdered. There is nothing to justify the actions of South Carolina in regards to this case," said Frierson.

Frierson said Stinney confessed, but that he was coerced. He also points out that the trial lasted 2 and a half hours without testimony from Stinney.

Earlier this year, a Circuit Court Judge heard arguments on whether a new trial should be granted for Stinney. But she has yet to reach a decision.

Frierson believes the memorial will serve as a lasting reminder of what happened to Stinney.

"He'll never be forgotten. He was of God's creatures. What happened to him should have never happened, but it did. And 70 years later we are still remembering his life," he said.

Timothy Miller, a Stinney supporter, believes the memorial is in an appropriate place since it's where Stinney lived for the 14 years that he was alive.

"Everything surrounding this happened in Alcolu, SC. And so this was a fitting place for this to be," said Miller.

Another Stinney supporter, Jerome Dupree, said "George Stinney was someone I always felt so terrible about. Being a baby, not being able to defend himself. And I feel we adults have a responsibility to do what we can to make sure that he rest in peace and that we show our concern in fighting for justice for George Stinney."

The memorial dedication is set for Saturday, June 14, at 5 p.m.