Teams race around Myrtle Beach State Park Saturday for 'Amazing Race' Challenge

For the second year in a row, the 'Amazing Race' was held at the Myrtle Beach State Park with twelve teams of two competing in a number of physical and mental challenges on Saturday.

The event kicked off around 9:30 Saturday morning as teams went from station to station doing everything from building a fire and burning a rope, to going through an obstacle course.

Many of the challenges included solving problems and working together with clues.

Park Ranger Jerry Ives said the biggest challenge of the event is simply working together as a team.

"We have clues that we give them and they have to be able to work together to figure out those clues and then they have that skill that they have to be able to perform. One might be really strong in that area, the other might not, and they have to be able to work together to help each other to be able to make it through that skill," Ives explained.

Throughout the course, teams cover six or more miles of terrain.