Teacher/former police officer arrested for beating couple at Walmart

An Horry County school teacher and former Horry County police officer was charged with two counts of Assault and Battery for beating a man and his wife in a Walmart parking lot.

Kevin Lee Duke, 48, of Little River was arrested on December 23 after the fight in North Myrtle Beach on December 21.

Duke served as an Horry County police officer from 1991 until 2011, reaching the rank of Lieutenant when he retired.

From mid-October 2012 to November 2012, Duke worked at St. James High School as a substitute. He was placed into a permanent position, teaching students law enforcement and safety on December 12.

The victim told police she and her husband were waiting for someone to back out and free up a parking space when Duke began to blow the horn and rev the engine of his BMW behind them.

Duke then backed up, pulled forward fast and slammed on his brakes, all the while honking his horn and putting his on high beam lights, the victim said.

There was plenty of room for Duke's BMW to pass on the side, according to the victim.

When the parking space became free, the victim parked his vehicle and walked over to his wife who had gotten out of the car earlier to grab a grocery cart.

Duke asked the victim if the couple were married, which they replied to yes, said the victim.

Duke then asked the man, "You want some of this?" followed by multiple curse words, the report says.

Before the victim could answer, Duke got out of his car and began to punch the man in the face, according to the report.

The woman tried to grab her husband's arm to get him away from Duke.

Duke then hit the woman in the face and the arms, according to the report.

The husband then grabbed his wife to pull her away from Duke, and Duke began to punch the man in the face again, the report says.

Duke left when he noticed the woman victim getting the license plate number off of his BMW to call police.

After leaving, Duke called North Myrtle Beach dispatch to report his was assaulted in a Walmart parking lot, but he refused to come back to the parking lot and talk with police, the report says.

Walmart video surveillance shows Duke as "never being assaulted and as the primary aggressor", according to police.

The male victim was sent to Seacoast Medical Center for a cut over his left eye. X-rays of the victim show he has three broken bones in his head, one sinus and two orbital bones.

The female victim refused medical attention at the scene, but rode to the hospital with her husband.

North Myrtle Beach police charged Duke with Assault and Battery 2nd and 3rd degree.

Duke posted bond less than two hours after he was arrested.

Duke was placed on administrative leave with pay from Horry County Schools, pending an internal investigation.