Teacher accused of making racist comment to student

A Florence teacher is under investigation and is accused of making a racist comment to a student.

Mitchell and Linda Henson say they are appalled by what their daughter's Geography teacher said to her last Friday at South Florence High School.

The Henson's say their daughter was talking in class so her teacher, Jim Ard, wrote her up.

They say their daughter asked Mr. Ard why he didn't write up another student who was also talking and he replied "it must be because you're black."

"First thing I thought my daughter was being belittled by someone we trusted you know to watch over and care for her for those few hours and then it turned out he brought her more harm it appeared by his actions," Mitchell Henson said.

"Especially by her being mixed and you know through life she's had to grow with that. You know when kids you know taunt ,but when you got an adult calling you because you're black and that's gone too far," Linda Henson added.

The Henson's showed NewsChannel 15 a copy of the discipline notice, and it says "disturbing class after repeated warnings. She also accused me of being biased and I said it must be because you're black, I was not serious"

School district administrators say they're investigating this incident and they're not going to comment on it. They're treating it as a personnel matter.

The Henson's hope the district will discipline Ard to send a message that racist statements of any kind won't be tolerated.

The family also stated their daughter had to be hospitalized because she's having a tough time dealing with what was said to her.