Swingers club looking for a new home

Officials with the Beaver Lodge, a "private adult entertainment membership club," have agreed to vacate a building on Hazel Drive in Florence by the end of the month after getting evicted.

The lodge was served an eviction notice on August 7 for false pretense in the lease agreement, according to Florence County Planning Department Director Jay Graham.

The place came

under fire three weeks ago after residents learned it was a private adult membership club.

At the time, its website stated lodge members can engage in "legal sexual activities on site."

The Florence County Planning Commission served a stop-work order to the lodge just days after it held an open house.

The Commission said it was in violation of a county ordinance on sexually oriented businesses, because it's located within 1,000 feet of a church and residential community.

The business also didn't also obtain zoning and building permits as required by the ordinance, Graham said.

A lodge member, who wishes to remain anonymous, says there was a court hearing on the eviction notice Wednesday morning.

He says the lodge agreed to terminate the lease and not continue renting at the site.