Suspects arrested for North Myrtle Beach home invasion

      Timmane Bellamy/ courtesy J Reuben Long

      *Update on May 26, 2016 - all charges against Timmane Bellamy were dismissed on May 25, 2016.

      Timmane Bellamy and Jeffery A. Savage have been arrested in connection to a home invasion in North Myrtle Beach on September 19, according to North Myrtle Beach spokesman, Pat Dowling.

      Savage, 20, was taken into custody Thursday and is being held on $303,000 bond.

      Bellamy, 20, turned himself in to North Myrtle Beach Monday. No bail has been set.

      Police say Bellamy and Savage were involved in a home invasion that took place on 38th Avenue South around 1:40 a.m on September 19.

      Police say two people were inside the home when they heard a knock on the front door.

      When one of them answered, a woman who they didn't know asked to use the phone. Before they could respond, three men with guns pushed open the front door.

      One of the suspects held a gun to one of the victims faces and forced her against the living room wall.

      She pleaded with the men to stop and told them her 2-year-old daughter was sleeping.

      Police say the other two men forced the other victim to the floor and hit him on the head with a gun.

      The suspects went into the bedroom, forced the man into the bedroom and again hit him with the gun.

      They stole some money and a PlayStation 3 and left.

      Both men are being charged with first degree Assault and Battery, two charges of Kidnapping, First Degree Burglary, Armed Robbery, and Possession of a Weapon during a violent crime.