Surfside Beach Town Council votes unanimously for concrete pier structure

Surfside Beach Town Council decided a new pier will have a concrete structure at a meeting in front of engineers Saturday. (WPDE) 

Surfside Beach Town Council held a pier workshop meeting Saturday. The Surfside Beach Pier was damaged during Hurricane Matthew and the town is now working to rebuild.

After a presentation from Collins Engineers on multiple options for a pier replacement, council voted unanimously in favor of a pier with a concrete structure.

Many council members said the move is about the future.

Council members heard three options: A wood-constructed pier -- similar to what the remaining pier is now, a concrete structure with a wood deck, or a multi-level pier with concrete structures.

Engineers did not ask council to decide today on an exact design; they simply requested a decision on whether the pier should have a wood structure or concrete structure.

The meeting included a public hearing. Many expressed concern for the future of the pier and making sure the design selected will last for years to come.

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One of those people was Kurt Kremer. He and his wife own a bait and tackle shop on the pier. They've had a rough year.

Most of the couple's sales come through fishing rentals. Right now, fishing is not allowed on the pier.

"A concrete pier certainly for the longevity of the structure and businesses on the pier is much better," he said.

After the meeting, Kremer told ABC15 News he's glad there is an idea in place.

"That brings light to the end of our pretty dark tunnel that we've been walking into for some time because we just didn't know what they were going to do, or if they were going to do anything," he said.

Surfside Beach Mayor Bob Childs said concrete will protect the pier from future storms.

"Council feels that in order to keep this pier around for a long time without any significant damage and getting it back should be with concrete pilings," he said.

Councilman Randle Stevens agreed.

"We have to look for the future and our future is right here at the pier," he said, adding the decision was "common sense."

There is no timetable on a design or construction of a design at this time. Town officials say they are hoping to have the pier completed by the summer of 2019.

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