Surfside storm water filters take dog park off the grid

The stormwater runoff flowing to the Atlantic from the area around the Surfside Beach dog park will be a bit cleaner next time it rains, thanks to new filters installed above the storm drains.

"Having a dog park in this close proximity to the ocean was a concern to some residents and to the town as well," said Surfside Beach Director of Public Works John Adair. Some were worried about bacteria from animal waste getting into the watershed. "So we're taking the dog park out of the system," Adair said.

Bundled against the cold, Adair and his crew from Public Works installed four new storm water filters above the existing storm drains.

"It's a plastic tub which filters out the water that runs through it, and it removes over 90% of fecal coliform bacteria," Adair said.

There were a few Surfside Beach residents out with their pups to check out the new system, several of whom seemed excited about the eco-friendly upgrade.

The filters cost about $1,200 each and were paid for using the department's budget for water treatment.

Workers will need to change the filters one or two times per year, but Adain says it's a task worth the time to keep bacteria out of the Atlantic.