Surfside opens bids for pier restaurant

Tuesday night, the Surfside Beach Town Council will open bids for operating the restaurant on the town pier.

The space has been run by Nibils Restaurant for 20 years, but their lease runs out in December. Now that the town owns the pier, it is required by law to put the restaurant up for bids.

Town councilman Bob Childs says money will be a major consideration in deciding the winner, but not the only one. "We're also looking for somebody that has experience in restaurants, we're looking for somebody that has the capacity to pay the rent and utilities on it and we're also looking for somebody that has a good credit background," said Bob Childs, Surfside Beach Town Council.

Nibils is one of the two bidders. The other bidder's identity is unknown.

The bids will be opened in executive session. Town officials say the council will likely make a decision tonight.

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