Surfside Beach officials trying to figure out how to replace town pier

The Surfside Beach pier on Saturday afternoon after a large portion of it was washed away by Hurricane Matthew. (Jason Diggs)

Hurricane Matthew destroyed at least 50 percent of the Surfside Beach pier.

The Surfside Beach town council discussed at its meeting Tuesday what they can do to get the pier rebuilt and open again in the future.

“The town was very disappointed that the pier was damaged,” one official said. “Staff understood some work needed to be done on the pilings, but now that scope of work has increased to a replacement project.”

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Town officials said the council wants to hear from the public on how they want the new pier to look. Mayor Bob Childs suggested having three separate workshops so the public could have a chance to voice their opinions.

None of those meetings have been scheduled as of this time.

Officials also said they are waiting to find out if they qualify for any FEMA assistance since the storm took out the pier.

“It is not a matter of if we are going to rebuild the pier,” one official said. “It is a matter of how we are going to rebuild it and how we are going to fund it.”

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Officials said they hope to have more information on town could proceed with the rebuilding of the pier at the next council meeting.

The last time the Surfside Pier was damaged significantly was after a North Eastern Storm in March 1993.

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