Surfside Beach non-resident parking decal prices to increase

Surfside Beach non-resident parking decal prices to increase (WPDE)

If you like to spend your summer days lounging on the sand in Surfside Beach, but you don't live there, you might be looking at a price hike for parking decals.

Tuesday night, town council approved a fee hike that will double the price of parking decals from $100 to $200. They'll only selling 100 of those decals.

The town council last discussed the recommendations from the Surfside Beach Parking Committee in January.

Non-residents will be able to purchase yellow decals for $200 per season.

"Our parking has gone up considerably, so if you're a beachgoer and you go everyday, it's still a great deal," said Robert Childs, Mayor of Surfside Beach.

So, what's the reason for the hike?

The parking committee said since the decals have sold out so quickly for the past two years, increasing the rate will bring in more fee money.

Childs agreed but Councilman Mark Johnson didn't. Johnson was the only councilman to disagree, but not the only person in the room.

"From $100 to $200 the funds are supposed to be restricted for certain uses. Other council members indicated that it should be used for the beach, but that's not the way the ordinance is set up and plus we need to be good stewards with our surrounding communities," said Johnson.

One resident said the increase just isn't neighborly.

"We're called to be a good neighbor, and charging the enormous fee that we're charging for the decals for people outside of this town is not being a good neighbor," she told councilmembers.

Childs said this, just like the $100 parking decals, is an experiment, and that if it doesn't work out, council is willing to make adjustments.

Vehicles with a non-resident parking decal will be prohibited from parking in the pier parking lot, but will be able to park in any other legal parking places without paying the meter.

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