Surfside Beach cracking down on underage drinking

In four days, 22 people have booked in the J Reuben Long Detention Center for underage drinking. In just one day, Surfside Beach Police issued nine citations for underage drinking.

Tuesday night, WPDE NewsChannel 15 rode along with Surfside Beach Police Officer Chevis Ridgeway as he looked for underage drinkers.

"The big thing is them riding around in cars drinking, which traffic stops you just have to look for the signs. You stop somebody for a minor traffic infraction and they're nervous beyond what they could be considered the norm for that traffic infraction, you just carry it a little further," said Ridgeway.

During the ride along, Ridgeway pulled over a driver for swerving over the middle line. Once pulled over, Ridgeway was able to check the truck and occupants for any alcohol. That stop was all clear.

Police are also checking the bars to see if anyone is trying to slip a fake ID.

"We like to ride by the bars. A lot of people hang out outside, especially ones that are smoking, and make sure that everyone's at least 21. Sometimes we'll stop in there and just kind of talk to people and ID people if they don't look like their of age," said Ridgeway.