Surfing competition makes a splash on the Grand Strand

More than 50 surfers from all over the Eastern seaboard and their families added to the Grand Strand economy this weekend.

Sunday wrapped up the second day of the first-ever Microwave Surf Challenge in Garden City.

Billabong team surfers Cam Richardson, Luke Gordon, and Micha Cantor competed.

This is the first year for the event and organizers hope to grow it each year.

"Surfers from as far away as New Jersey as far south as Florida, and when you put up this kind of purse, the kids come, the parents bring their kids, it's great for Horry County. It brings as they say heads in beds," said Freddie Hyatt, one of the sponsors.

The event was sponsored by Hyatt Automotive, Billabong, Village Surf Shoppe, Surfwater Productions, and WPDE NewsChannel 15.

All proceeds benefit the Boys and Girls Club and the American Red Cross.

Here are the winners from the weekend event:

Women's Final:

  • 4th - Grace Muckenfuss

  • 3rd - Emory McClary

  • 2nd - Keenan Lineback

  • 1st - Katie Gordon

Under 12 Boys Final:

  • 4th - Reid Largin

  • 3rd - Seth Brown

  • 2nd - Bo Raynor

  • 1st - Micah Cantor

Under 14 Boys Final:

  • 4th - Conner Johnston

  • 3rd - Jesse Raynor

  • 2nd - Boyd Brown

  • 1st - Luke Gordon

Under 16 Boys Final:

  • 5th - Nathan Bowman

  • 4th - Tyler Rogers

  • 3rd - Reed Richardson

  • 2nd - Jake Raynor

  • 1st - Addison Miles

Under 18 Boys Final:

  • 4th - Nate Dorman

  • 3rd - Triston Utz

  • 2nd - Knox Harris

  • 1st - Cam Richards

Open Division:

  • 4th - Nick Rupp

  • 3rd - Conner Lester

  • 2nd - Knox Harris

  • 1st - Cam Richards