Summer storms crash tree on woman's home

Saturday afternoon, downed trees were mixed in with the heavy rain and lightning.

"By the time I'd got to my window, I heard a thump," said Georgetown City resident Wanda Reed.

The thump she heard was a tree falling on her home.

"I was like oh God a tree fall on the house," said Reed.

While some who've had a tree slam through their home may say they're unlucky, Reed said luck is on her side.

"If I had open that door during the time that tree was coming down, it probably would have gotten to me and the door. But I thank God. I thank God."

She was also thanking her family, friends and neighbors who spent the rest of the day moving the tree off her home with chainsaws and a tractor.

And trees down were a common theme.

One forced crews to Old Highway 31 in Horry County to remove a tree that backed up traffic.

Lightning backed up traffic along Highway 501 in Conway knocking out traffic signals at the intersection of Myrtle Ridge Road and Gardner Lacy.

"I'm afraid of the lightning," said motorcyclist Debby Kaiser.

She and her two fellow riders stood underneath a gas station on Highway 90 taking shelter from the storm.

"We just stand here, drink coffee and talk to people as they go by," said Kaiser. "You just have to do what you have to do, because nobody's coming to get us."

Like Reed, Kaiser was soon in good spirits.

And a spirit is what Reed is counting on to help her bounce back from the damage.

"I can build that porch back," said Reed. "Jesus and me can build that porch back."