Subcommittee discusses ways to make Myrtle Beach more bicycle and pedestrian friendly

The Myrtle Beach Bicycle and Pedestrian subcommittee met Tuesday morning at Myrtle Beach City Hall to discuss ways to improve certain areas of the city to make them more pedestrian and bicycle friendly.

The committee wants to create suggestions to take to Myrtle Beach City Council.

A big reason for having this meeting is due to the recent confusion when it comes to golf carts and the increase in bicycle/pedestrian accidents in the area.

In the meeting, officials reviewed federal, state and local regulations for golf carts and later they did a bike path survey, which included looking at a map of Myrtle Beach and deciding how they can improve certain areas to make them more pedestrian friendly.

Subcommittee chair Bill Pritchard said they will most likely have suggestions to bring to council by April or May of 2014.

The subcommittee will meet again on December 3rd.