Students suspended after goats injured at Latta High School


Latta Middle School students, ages 11-14, have been charged with Animal Cruelty and Trespassing and suspended after Dillon County deputies say the students broke into the Future Farmers of America (FFA) facility campus at Latta High School and injured two goats.

Deputies say the incident happened after school hours last week.

One of the goats died and another has a broken leg.

"They (students) were trying to ride them. Broke some legs. Clearly abuse," stated Kirby.

The Dillon County Sheriff's Office is investigating to see if a goat that died a few weeks ago may have also been injured by the students.

The goats are a part of a statewide project that FFA students are working on. They're learning how to take care of goats and donkeys.

"We've had animals out there for years. Never had anything like this," Kirby said.

Kirby said they are pressing charges against the students and want them to pay for veterinarian visits and perform community service at the animal shelter.

The students are banned from Latta High School and all school events during their suspension.

The students have been released from the custody of the Department of Juvenile Justice to their parents.