Students shocked to find names on teen's hit list

Horry County Detective Brad Townsend took the stand Tuesday during the hearing to determine whether to try a teenager as an adult in a school shooting trial.

Classmates of the teenager accused of shooting at a school resource officer last September say they were shocked to find out their names were on the teen's list of people he wanted to kill. Police found the list in the teen's diary after he was arrested.

The teen is charged with shooting at Socastee High School Resource Officer Erik Karney and bringing two pipe bombs to school in a book bag.

A hearing being held this week in Horry County court will decide whether the 15-year-old will be tried as an adult.

One boy testified the teen was often teased while riding the bus, with others kids calling him "midget man" and "leprechaun" because of his small stature and red hair. But the same boy also testified that he never saw the teen being physically attacked.

Other students testified that the teen had many friends and was cheered on by other kids for his breakdancing ability at a school dance.

The teen's defense attorney, Russell Long, is trying to show that the boy had been bullied all his life.

Also Tuesday, Horry County police detective Brad Townsend read from the teen's Twitter and MySpace posts from the day of shooting. One Twitter post said, "I'm past the point of no return, no turning back now." Townsend testified that one of the boy's goals listed on his MySpace page was to make a lethal pipe bomb.

Other Twitter entries made reference to the boy being yelled at by his father and his thoughts of suicide.

But testimony from Townsend also showed that the teen told police after the shooting that he never intended to hurt Karney.

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