Student arrested after bringing gun to school

Dillon police arrested Miracle Alexant Harley, 18, Thursday and charged her with attempted murder, disturbing schools, and possession of weapon on school grounds.

The victim says Harley approached her table in the cafeteria around 7:52 a.m. The victim says she told Harley she didn't have time for her, got up to put her tray away, and saw Harley point a gun at her.

The victim says she was pushed out of the way by another student, but Harley started chasing her with the gun.

Another student and school personnel were able to get the gun away from Harley, according to Dillon District Four Superintendent Ray Rogers.

At no time was the gun fired, and no students were hurt.

The school was put on lock down as police and school leaders got the situation under control.

Dozens of parents showed up to the school to pick up their children, but school has resumed for those who stayed.

According to Dillon police, the victim, 17, filed an incident report against Harley Wednesday afternoon.

The report says police met the victim and her grandmother at an apartment complex and learned Harley had been following the 17-year-old at a soccer field in Dillon. The report states Harley followed the girl from school to the Dillon County Courthouse.

The report says officers tracked down Harley at the soccer field, but it doesn't say if she was questioned.

The victim told police Harley began harassing her around April 3rd. The report says on prom night Harley approached the girl and stated that she was going to have her killed.

Thursday evening, school officials told NewsChannel 15 they will have metal detectors at the front entrance of Dillon High beginning Friday morning.