Stripper hits patron with high-heel shoe

Lisa Marie Black

A dancer at the Masters Gentleman Club in Myrtle Beach was arrested and charged with Assault after she hit a female patron in the back of the head with her high-heel shoe, according to police.

Lisa Marie Black, 31, of Myrtle Beach, is charged with third degree Assault and Battery after she and another woman got into an argument inside the club. Black took off one of her shoes and hit the woman in the back of the head with the heel of the shoe, police say. When police arrived just after 10:30 p.m. Sunday, they found the victim bleeding from the back of the head.

Black said she "snapped", according to the report. She also said in the report that she knew what was wrong.

A second fight occurred around the same time at Masters between Black and another dancer, who was not charged.

Police say the two women began fighting and at one point, Black pinned the second woman to the ground. The second woman then punched Black in the face. The second women was acting in self defense, police say. She also declined to press charges against Black.

The woman who was hit with the shoe was taken to Grand Strand Regional Medical Center.

Black remains in the Myrtle Beach jail without bond, according to police.