Street Reach expects to reach full capacity during arctic blast

With the deep freeze rapidly approaching Monday night, Street Reach in Myrtle Beach is expecting to reach full capacity.

An organization called New Directions coordinates efforts to help the homeless at Street Reach.

Executive Director Cathy Jenkins explained that on Monday, they were preparing for the arctic blast.

"New Wave embroidery just today brought in several cartons of new sweatshirts for us for tonight and we're real excited to know that we do have some extra clothing tonight," she explained.

Jenkins added that they will also have extra beds.

"As long as we need to make our facilities available for people, where they don't have to go out in this extreme weather, we will do that."

Normally Street Reach sees about 50 people a night, but Jenkins said Monday night they are preparing to reach full capacity, up to 150 people.

For King Bryant, who lives and works at Street Reach, that means everything.

"I can't find the words to put my appreciation. All I can do is show by my actions... It's very rewarding to know that there is some place to go," King explained.

On a freezing night, the warmth and appreciation is everywhere you look.

"We consistently get thank you's, lots of hugs," Jenkins said.

If you'd like to donate clothing or blankets to Street Reach, click here.