Stranded from the snow

The snow fell all day Thursday in many northern states, as people brace for one of the biggest snowstorms of the winter season so far.

As that dangerous weather makes its way in, some northerners who spent the holidays on the Grand Strand weren't sure they were even going to make it home from the holidays.

"I have to be at work Friday. I'm a surgeon and I have like six surgeries scheduled for Friday, so I really need to be able to get there," Jack Bondi, a passenger traveling to Atlantic City, New Jersey said.

"It's going to take longer for me to get home and I have school tomorrow, so it's a little stressful," said Emma Palazio, who was headed home to Pennsylvania.

All of the departures and arrivals at Myrtle Beach International Airport were on-time Thursday, except for the nightly Spirit flight to Boston, which was cancelled as of early Thursday afternoon.

WPDE's Jack Lamson was supposed to fly back to Myrtle Beach Thursday afternoon, but his flight out of Logan International Airport was already cancelled as of early Thursday morning.

"They told me I could either reschedule my flight for either that regular flight out of Boston on Saturday early morning or Sunday early morning, I told them I wanted Saturday and they pretty much laughed and said we can't get you on Saturday, we may not even be able to get you on Sunday," Lamson said.

One piece of advice those at the airport were giving was to check your flights early and often over the next few days, because they can change at the last minute.