Storm teaches Conway family hard lesson about insurance

A tree that fell on a house on Lundy Avenue after a severe storm passed through the area Monday afternoon.

A Conway woman is desperate to find a place for her family to live after a tree fell on the home they were renting.

Carmeka Horry says her experience recovering from the storm that struck the area Monday afternoon has taught her a lesson all renters should know.

Horry was on her way home from work Monday, when her kids called her in a panic.

A tree had fallen on their rental home on Lundy Avenue in Conway during a storm.

Six people, three of them Horry's kids, were in the home at the time.

She says they all got out with cuts and bruises, though they lost furniture and clothing.

"That's material stuff, I don't really worry about that, as long as I have my kids," Horry said.

She said eight people had lived in the home.

The Red Cross and local churches have helped with food and a place to stay, but Horry said time's running out.

"All eight of us staying at the motel right now, and after tomorrow we won't have nowhere to go," she said.

Making matters worse, Horry did not have renters insurance and found out this week that her landlord didn't have the home insured either.

She said she has learned something from this experience. Before she rents a home again, she will find out if it's insured.

"I will get deep down in it, I will find out more than what I did from the last time. I mean this is eye-opening for me."

Horry said she'll also get renter's insurance.

The home's owner told NewsChannel 15 that she's taking all the steps she can to get the home repaired quickly, and the work wouldn't get done any faster if she had insurance.

She also said she's helping the family find a place to live.

Horry works in housekeeping at Dunes Village Resort and said she's the sole provider for the family.

She said they don't need anything fancy, just a place to live.

"Anything right now. I don't care what it is."

A family friend has set up a fund for the Horry family at Conway National Bank, under the name Tammy Pyatt Graham.