Stories of inspiration amidst noise and traffic of Bike Fest

Holloway prepares for Sunday's Bike Fest

The Atlantic Beach Memorial Day Bike Fest is approaching an end for yet another year. Amidst all the fun, noise and traffic, you can find people with stories of hope.

Sunday morning, the streets of Atlantic Beach were almost completely empty, except for a few people cleaning up, like Jerry Washington. He's a volunteer and a truck driver here on vacation.

"I wasn't looking to work but they said they needed some help and I wanted to help them out," he explained.

Stories of inspiration could be found as people were setting up for Sunday's events as well. Nashiya Holloway is a food vendor who's been coming down with her family from North Carolina for ten years.

"When we first got here, we didn't get a hotel room, we basically stayed in a van all night and we did it for like four days straight all night in a van," Holloway said.

She explained that when she and her family first came to the bike fest, a hotel room was an expense they couldn't afford, but through the years, they kept coming back. Since those first tough few years, Holloway and her family have even been able to hire two employees.

"I feel tons of blessed now that we have a room we can stay in, we have a lot of people that help us," she explained. "We can now just relax, enjoy a little bit of it while still making people happy, making good food and just doing a good job."

Holloway said when her father retires in a few years, he hopes to be able to buy a food truck so they can continue making food and making people happy.